I always share the things which I know or which I have.Before some days ago I changed my template then many readers ask me to give them my older template.Therefore I kept the word and redesigned my older template.I have added every single or every common thing which you want.After working 9 hours in 3 days on the coding of this template I managed to design a template which I want.I am sure that this template will become the turning point of your blogging careers and revenue.I hope you will surely like this template.Take a full preview on the template.


List Of All Feature


   Here is a full list of template features :
  1. 2 Coloum
  2. Right Sidebar
  3. 3 Column Footer Section.
  4. Multi Level Drop Down Menu
  5. 2 Menus 
  6. Page Navigation
  7. Supports All Major Browsers
  8. In-Built Related Posts
  9. Redirect script (i.e if you are using blogspot then your every visitor will redirect to blogspot.com)
  10. Clean and Impressive Design
  11. Full SEO Optimized
  12. Author Comments Highlighted
  13. Auto Read More With Thumbnail and Read More Button
  14. Used H2 Tags as Post Titles. more info......
  15. Add a Gadget Link For Header Banner
  16. Meta Tags Added
  17. Meta Tags For Every Post
  18. Comment Bubble.
  19. Added Hover Effect To List Bullets
  20. Neat CSS Arrangement
  21. Comment Bubble
  22. Navbar Removed
  23. Google Chrome Frame Added
  24. jQuery Latest Version Ready !
  25. Link Nuding Effect To Sidebar Links                               

Some Screenshot's Of Template



Comment Form


Drop Down Menu



Highlighted Author Comments


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Page Navigation

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