2 days ago while watching my stats I got some results from translate.google.com. Someone was reading my tutorials by translating in Chinese .That's why I added this widget to my blog.Here I gave a widget form so that you can directly add it on your blog.This widget contains flags of more than 32 languages. With hover title effect, When you hover your mouse on any flag then it will shows a title of that language.Live  demo On Our Blog.....

How To Add Google Flag Translator To Blogger ?

Now let's see how to add this awesome widget to blogger.

  • Just press the Add To Blogger Button below and this will takes to you Add Widget section.
  • Change title as you wish.
  • Hit the Add Widget button.
  • Drag and drop the widget as you wish

  • Now save it and refresh your blog.....


  1. Fantastic, thank you very much! I am very happy you have decided to offer the service for a fee and I hope this means it can stay alive for a while.